How To Make A Payment To Citifinancial?

Published: 02nd October 2009
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Citifinancial is a customer lending subsidiary of Citigroup; a leading financial services company established in 1812 which has catered up to 200 millions customer accounts and operates in 140 countries worldwide. This particular Citifinanciall provide the customers with personal loans for home improvements, car ownership, debt consolidation, vacations as well as unexpected costs from medical expenses, car repairs and many more. In North America, Citifinancial offers its best services to all of the customers from over 2,000 locations.

Obtaining a personal loan from the citifinalcial, could be very advantageous for you since Citifinancial provides several different methods to make your payment for your particular loan. You just have to choose the best one that suits you best out of the payment methods offered by the Citifinancial. Below are those methods of payments to consider, they are:

1. Online payment: the most common method used to do by the majority recent customers due to its efficiency, practical, easy as well as instant results. Citifinancial provided the customer with a service run by a third party to enable every customer to do his payments through a debit card or bank account. However, you might be charged with a certain amount of fee for the particular payment you make.

2. Direct Debit: it is a free service from Citifinancial that will deduct your monthly payment automatically from the saving accounts or specified checking of yours.

3. Regular Mail: your monthly payment can be mailed to the Citifinancial address directly.

4. Western Union: a customer is able to make his payment through the Western Union. The first thing to do is to locate the local Western Union office nearby. You can search the particular address from its official website or call by phone. Upon finding the nearest Western Union within your neighborhood, you can bring your payment straight to the Western Union office. You will be charged for a service fee of which amount is $12.95.

5. Check by phone: simply call Citifinancial for further information. Generally you will have to submit your account number, Social Security number and debit card. Always remember to void the check once the transaction is done. It may acquire a service fee.

6. MoneyGram ExpressPayments: you are going to look for the nearest office within your neighborhood. However, a service fee of $8.95 will be needed. The MoneyGram ExpressPayments will have you to submit your name and address, Citifinancial account number as well as the receive code. Soon after the process is completed, you have to contact the office for a confirmation.

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